Congress Schedule – Сатница конгреса

Day 124/09/2019Medical Faculty Niš - MAIN HALL
19:00-19:30Opening ceremony
19:30-20:00Plenary session
20:00-22:00Welcome party
Day 225/09/2019Medical Faculty Niš - MAIN HALL25/09/2019Medical Faculty Niš - A1
9:00-9:40Promoting health in family and society9:00-11:15Microbiology today
9:40-10:40Public health today
10:40-11:15Informatics in the health system
11:15-11:30Coffee break11:15-11:30Coffee break
11:30-12:15Community in focus11:30-13:00Oral presentations
12:15-14:15ROUND TABLE - Community in focus13:00-13:30Poster presentations
13:30-13:45Sponsored lecture
14:15-14:45Lunch break14:15-14:45Lunch break
14:45-15:45Oral presentations14:45-15:05Current parasitosis and fungal infections
15:45-18:00Poster presentations15:05-17:05
Oral and poster presentations
25/09/2019Public Health Institute Niš - MAIN HALL
20:00-20:30Movie "Alice in Wonderland"
based on inclusive school program
20:00-22:30Museum of Health Culture
20:30-22:30Cocktail (Student Center Niš caffe)
Day 326/09/2019Medical Faculty Niš - A126/09/2019Medical Faculty Niš - A2
9:00-10:00Theoretical and practical problems
of communicable diseases
9:00-10:00Nutrition and health
10:00-11:15Oral presentations10:00-11:00Oral presentations
11:15-11:30Coffee break11:15-11:30Coffee break
11:30-14:15Poster presentations11:30-14:15Poster presentations
14:15-14:45Lunch break14:15-14:45Lunch break
14:45-16:45Theoretical and practical problems
of non-communicable diseases
14:45-15:45Environment and health
16:45-18:00Poster presentations15:45-18:00Oral and poster presentations
20:00-24:00Gala Dinner - "Bolji Život 2" restaurant
Day 427/09/2019Institute of Public Health Niš - Main Hall
11:00-12:00Closing ceremony
12:00-13:00Final remarks
Congress evaluation
Concluding speeches