Participation – Учешће


All participants are invited to present their research in the field of preventive medicine in the form of e-posters or oral presentations. The presentation topics and abstract submission e-mail addresses are given below:

-Promoting health in family and society
-Public Health today
-Informatics in the health system

-Nutrition and health
-Environment and health

-Theoretical and practical problems of communicable and
non-communicable disease epidemiology

-Microbiology today
-Current parasitosis and fungal infections

The deadline for abstract submission is 15th August 2019.
All papers and e-posters should be submitted only in English language, and oral presentations can be presented in Serbian or English. All accepted abstracts will be published in the Book of abstracts.
The sample abstract form can be downloaded from the Days of Preventive Medicine website archive.
Please structure your abstract using the following headings: objectives, methods, results and conclusion. Enter 3-5 keywords. The abstract may not be longer than 200 words. Page margins should be set at 2.5cm and line spacing should be set at 1.5. Please use the Times New Roman font with a font size of 12.

Poster presentation formatting information

Poster presentations will be exhibited in e-poster format. Please format your poster presentation in horizontal (landscape) orientation suitable for display on a 16:9 widescreen display ratio screen. Your poster presentation should be saved in pdf, png or jpg format. The minimum recommended size of the presentation in png and jpg formats is 1920×1080 pixels. The maximum file size of the poster presentation is 10 megabytes.



early – рана
until- до 31. 08. 2019.
€55 – 6600 RSD

late – касна
after- после 31. 08. 2019.
€70 – 8500RSD

RSD account No. / жиро рачун:
(incl. VAT, for payments from Serbia / урачунат ПДВ, за уплате из Србије)

account No. / девизни рачун:
(incl. VAT / урачунат ПДВ)
IBAN code: RS35908500100014681531
Payment purpose: Registration fee for 53rd Days of Preventive Medicine – international Congress


Asst. Prof. dr Aleksandra Ignjatović
+381 18 4 226 448, local No. 110


50 Dr Zorana Đinđića Blvd., 18000 Niš, Serbia
Булевар др Зорана Ђинђића 50, 18000 Ниш, Србија